Volunteer @ Freewheels

Freewheels Houston volunteers work at our well-equipped shop to increase the number of people–refugees, veterans and youth from low-income families–who receive bikes that will enable them to get to work or school, shop for their families and explore Houston’s many opportunities. 

We will fit your assignment to your skill level and interest, from beginner to expert. 

  • If you already know how to repair brakes, derailleurs and other bike systems, we will put you to work on a bike right away.
  • If you are a beginner and want to learn about maintaining a bike, you will start cleaning bikes and undertaking minor repairs. Each time you attend, you will learn more about bikes.
  • Volunteers also distribute bikes; they make sure the recipient has the right size and style bike. They give each person a new helmet, demonstrate the proper use of a bike lock and introduce safe-riding principles.

Volunteer days are on Friday and Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to noon at our shop at 6020 Jessamine in the Gulfton area of southwest Houston.

Age requirements

Freewheels Houston welcomes volunteers 14 years old and older to participate without parental supervision. Younger people may participate with their parents.

Before you come

Please complete the Freewheels volunteer information form. Also, please print and sign the volunteer liability waiver. We have a separate liability waiver for volunteers younger than 18 years old.

Bike repair resources

Whether you are just getting started as a bike repair volunteer or you have been maintaining bikes for years, Freewheels wants to help you improve your skills. Please review the Freewheels bike repair checklist. We’ve got several books on bike repair. We’ve also linked to many Park Tool YouTube videos on bike repair—Calvin is a great teacher!