Freewheels Houston volunteer consent

Freewheels Houston is pleased to welcome you to our bike workshop. We repair donated used bikes that will provide mobility for people who need transportation to work, school and other destinations.

If you already know how to repair a bike and want to improve your skills, we will put you to work right away. If you want to volunteer at Freewheels to learn bike repair, we will pair you with an experienced mechanic. Our goal is a productive and collegial experience where everyone has an opportunity to learn new things, make new friends and give bikes a new life.

By signing this document, you agree to adhere to following statements:

  1. Safety is the most important aspect of Freewheels Houston repair days. you will familiarize myself with the shop safety guidelines and listen to safety briefings presented by senior volunteers.
  2. You will follow instructions from senior volunteers.
  3. You will work in a cooperative manner to achieve the Freewheels goal of bringing bikes to safe, reliable operating condition.
  4. If you have questions, you will discuss repair steps with a designated senior volunteer before starting.
  5. You will familiarize yourself with Freewheels Houston’s shop safety guidelines. Please read here:
  6. You will use tools for their intended purposes.
  7. Before leaving the shop, you will return tools to their proper location and clean your work area.

As with anything new, learning bike repair requires a commitment to spend the time to master new skills. Every time you come to Freewheels, you will become more productive. We hope this will make the experience more fulfilling for you and help us provide bikes to more people.

Freewheels welcomes volunteers 14 years old and older to participate without parental supervision. Younger people may participate with their parents.
I understand that participation in volunteer activities involves risks. I agree to comply with all Freewheels Houston rules and procedures and follow the instructions of senior volunteers. I am voluntarily participating in Freewheels activities with and I agree to accept all risks of participation.