Shop safety guidelines

Working safely is the most important aspect of Freewheels Houston repair days and the key to a productive shift. If you have questions about shop safety at any time, please ask a senior volunteer.

All volunteers are expected to follow these guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

  1. Follow instructions from senior volunteers.
  2. Give your full attention to safety briefings presented at the beginning of your shift.
  3. The First Aid Kit is located on the wall in the front workroom. Please advise a senior volunteer of any injuries.
  4. If you have any questions about chemicals used in the shop, consult the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in a binder near the front door.
  5. The fire extinguisher is located on the wall next to the door from the warehouse to the workrooms.
  6. Gloves and protective eyewear are recommended.
  7. Water is available at all times. Please stay hydrated.
  8. Beware of tripping hazards and slippery floors. Please clean up spills immediately.
  9. If you see something unsafe, alert a senior volunteer.
  10. Bikes can be heavy and unwieldy. Please take care when mounting on a repair stand. (A senior volunteer will demonstrate the proper method.)
  11. Use tools for their intended purposes. If you don’t know how to use a tool, ask for help.
  12. Two adults must be present when volunteers under 18 years old are participating in Freewheels activities.
  13. The restrooms are located next door to Freewheels Houston’s space. (As you leave the shop, turn right.) The key is on a blue fob and it is kept on a hook on the metal pegboard in the rear workroom. Please return the key when you return to the shop.
  14. Before the end of your shift, return tools to their proper their proper location and clean your work area.

Updated 12/13/2019