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Join our bike repair team

Do you want to put your bicycle maintenance skills to work for a good cause?

Bike repair days on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays at our warehouse at 6020 Jessamine #204 in southwest Houston are collegial, productive and fun. We offer a way for you to share your knowledge, sharpen your skills or learn the basics. You can improve your skills with occasional classes on topics such as brakes, drive trains and wheel systems.

The volunteer experience begins with an introduction to Freewheels and a tour of our shop. Freewheels’ new mechanic’s checklist is a great learning tool that provides a step-by-step process to make sure a bike is safe and reliable before a bike is distributed to someone who will rely on it for essential transportation.


  • Repair or clean bicycles—and learn how!
  • Strip bikes for parts--a great way to learn
  • Teach fix-a-flat workshops
  • Lead community bike rides
  • Something else—email us!


Freewheels also schedules service days for youth, workplace teams, faith communities and other groups, providing participants with basic training and an opportunity to help. Please let us know if your group is interested.

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