Volunteer to repair bikes for refugees

Do you want to put your bicycle maintenance skills to work for a good cause? Help us as we increase our capacity to prepare bikes for distribution to refugees.

We also need people who will help collect and distribute bikes, plan events and pitch in with other tasks to advance our growing project. We are making plans to expand our programs for younger refugees.

Do you know a lot about bikes? Is adjusting brakes or derailleurs a second nature?

Can you fix a flat tire when you are on the road, but you aren’t confident doing more complicated tasks?

Do you just want to help us clean bikes? You can help us get a bike ready for a refugee.

Work days

We schedule work days on most Saturdays at our warehouse at 6020 Jessamine #204 in southwest Houston. Our sessions are collegial, productive and fun. It’s a way to share you knowledge, sharpen your skills or learn the basics. Please complete the form below; we will contact you and provide additional details.

We also schedule work days for youth and other groups, provide participants with basic training and an opportunity to help. The ability to maintain your bike is a skill that will stay with you for years. Please let us know if your group is interested.

I want to help repair bikes.