Trek awards $3,350 to Freewheels as ‘Change for change’

We are pleased to announce that Trek Bikes Houston is donating $3,000, plus change, to Freewheels Houston, from their recent “Change for Change” program to support Houston’s community biking organizations.

Freewheels received nearly $350 from individuals who visited Trek Bikes stores last month and dropped their pocket change into our tip jars. As a result, Trek is generously awarding us a check for $3,350 to sponsor our all-volunteer effort. With support from Trek and many others in the community, Freewheels continues to thrive and is looking forward to bringing even more bike freedom to Houston.

This award also recognizes Freewheels as a significant partner in Houston’s bike community. Our mission to emancipate communities facing transportation barriers is growing in both size and reputation. Our bikes bring freedom to people who have few options to get to work, to school, and to the park.

Since 2015, Freewheels has been a tangible representation of Houston’s warm welcome, which we are privileged to extend — to our newest residents seeking refuge from around the world, to our veterans emerging from homelessness, and to our students finding their way to school and safe, healthy fun.   

Please join us in thanking Trek for inviting us to participate in their Change for Change program. Trek is a vital partner in our mission.

We also congratulate the Greater Houston Off Road Biking Association (GHORBA) and BikeHouston for the community support they received during “Change for Change.”