Giving Tuesday at Freewheels

In recent weeks, Freewheels Houston has provided bikes to students at Wisdom High School, young adults emerging from homelessness at Covenant House in Montrose and veterans emerging from homelessness. We gave an adult tricycle to a young man with special needs.

All of them will be able to get around more easily because of a Freewheels bike. 

Looking ahead, we are expanding our work space in Gulfton and improving our volunteer program so we can repair more bikes.

Everyone involved at Freewheels is volunteering their time; all of our bikes are donated. We work with amazing schools and nonprofits that help us find people who need transportation.

There is, however, one more ingredient that’s essential for our continued success: Your financial support.

Without it, we wouldn’t be able to work in our shop space in southwest Houston; provide tools; buy tubes, tires, cables and other parts, and give each bike recipient a helmet, lock and lights.

Please consider making a donation today. Any amount will help keep the doors open and pay for tubes, brake cables, locks and lights. 

If your employer offers to match your charitable donations, please let us know. We can provide a copy of Freewheels’ documentation of our 501(c)(3) status.

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