Repairing bikes and changing lives

When Freewheels volunteers repair bikes for refugees and others, they can help transform lives.

  • Refugees rely on Freewheels bikes to get to work, school and ESL classes. 
  • Veterans emerging from homelessness gain a way to work or appointments. 
  • Fifth and sixth graders are rewarded for improving their grades.

For many of our neighbors, starting a new chapter in their lives in sprawling Houston, transportation is a major challenge. Walking, riding a bus or asking a friend for a ride are the less-than-optimal alternatives.

When a potential employer asks whether you can get to the job, a bike can seal the deal. If your shift ends after the last scheduled bus, a bike can get you home faster than walking.

For a high school student, having a bike open possibilities to participate in sports and other after-school activities. A teenager with a bike helps ease the burden on busy parents juggling work and family.

These stories give purpose to Freewheels volunteers and bike donors.