Here we go!

How your donation helps us provide bikes

Please support our volunteer efforts to provide bicycles for people who need transportation in Houston with a financial contribution.

Getting to know a new bike will make safe riding come easier.A used bike and safety equipment: $50

Freewheels volunteers inspect and repair all systems on donated bikes: Wheels, tubes and tires; brakes, shifters, cables and derailleurs. We check all connections and tighten parts to specification. We use safe used parts when we can and acquire new parts when needed.


Locks for security: $20

Bike theft is an issue in Houston. Freewheels gives all bike recipients a lock and cable.


Lights for visibility: $5

People who ride bikes need lights to ensure they are seen on Houston’s busy streets.


Pumps to fix flats: $12

Every rider will have a flat tire at some point. We provide a pump along with tire levers and patches.



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