Your used bike will be restored and given to a refugee

Donate your used bike

You may donate a used bike to Freewheels Houston and our volunteers will restore it to create safe and reliable transportation for a refugee, veteran emerging from homelessness or young person from a low-income family. 

Our riders prefer mountain bikes and hybrids

Our greatest need is for adult mountain bikes and hybrids with 26-inch and 700c wheels. We also need youth bikes with 24-inch wheels. Our refugee and veteran customers rarely ask for road bikes or beach cruisers. At this time, we are not distributing bikes to younger children. 

Freewheels accepts bike donations on Friday and Saturday mornings

Hours: Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. – noon 
6020 Jessamine #103, Houston, TX 77081
Phone: 281-864-0725

Limited storage capacity

Although our goal is to accept all bike donations, our rented storage space is getting near its capacity. This has reduced our ability to accept donated bikes. 

If a bike has been left outside for a long time or the handlebars, wheels, gears or derailleurs are damaged or have significant rust, we won’t be able to quickly repair it and prefer that it not be dropped off at our shop. We are happy to replace worn tires, seats or grips, but rusty or broken bikes are not worth the time required for repairs or the cost of replacement parts. We don’t accept used helmets, smaller bikes, scooters or tag-alongs.

If it’s not economic for Freewheels to repair a donated used bike, we often reclaim parts and components that can be used on other bikes. We have partnerships with people who will take bikes we don’t plan to repair and deliver them to organizations in Mexico.

When we receive a donated high-end road bike, we may try to sell it and and use the proceeds to pay for parts, supplies, safety equipment and rent. 

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